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Homeowner Care For a New Concrete Driveway

  • Do not drive on a new driveway for at least 7 days after placement.
  • Do not allow drain water to undermine the slab and cause settlement cracking.
  • Never use de-icers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate.
  • Use sand on icy surfaces.
  • Protect the concrete from exposure to liquid fertilizers systems used for lawn treatments.
  • Apply a quality concrete sealer. most building materials need protection from severe weather conditions ( i.e., treated lumber, asphalt & concrete ) concrete driveways require a quality sealer since Ohio is a severe weather region, it is especially important that concrete driveways are sealed. a quality sealer will allow the surface of the driveway to resist the penetration of water or damaging road salts. the homeowner should apply a quality sealer 30 days after the driveway is installed or prior to  the first freeze. a.s.t.m. approved sealers are available at most building material dealers and concrete producers.
  • Applying the sealer should be done after the driveway has been power washed and the surface is dry.
  • Sealing the driveway can be done by sprayer or roller.
  • Concrete sealing should be done:
    • 30 days after installation or prior to the first freeze.
    • When Surface is clean and dry.
    • When temperature is above 40 degrees and rising.
  • MWG Concrete Services recommends that a penetrating sealer is used to seal your new concrete driveway.

The value of your driveway far exceeds the cost of sealing, it is highly recommended that you make this small investment to help provide durability for the service life of your driveway.

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