MWG Concrete Services
Est. 1924

Fire Pits

Get out and enjoy the outdoors more with a custom built fire pit from MWG Concrete Services.

Retaining Walls

Steep inclines can cause eroding and flooding problems for you and your home. Let MWG Concrete Services build a retaining wall to eliminate those issues are help you reclaim your yard.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Simpler can at times be better. Exposed Aggregate concrete is as simple as it comes, offering a decorative finish to your poured concrete. For that simple stony look, exposed aggregate is the way to go, it creates a surface texture that resembles thousands of tiny stone pebbles instead of the drab, flat surface of traditional concrete.

Stamped Concrete Restoration

Concrete is timeless and adds value to your home, but it still is susceptible to damage and normal wear and tear over the years. That’s were MWG Concrete Services comes in. We’ll restore your concrete or stamped concrete back to it’s original luster.

Driveways Patios Stamped & Colored Concrete

Stone, cobblestone and brick are amazing products on their own, but in reality they don’t hold up to the elements like stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is built to last with reinforced rods or FORTA Econo-Net fibers that strengthen your pavement, yet with a beautiful finish that mimics stone or brick.

New Residential or Commercial Sidewalks

For over 90 years both residential and commercial contractors have been using MWG Concrete Services to plot, grade and pour their new construction sidewalk in every shape, size and orientation because they know they will be getting the best quality of work and craftsmanship that only a company that has pouring concrete for almost a decade can bring.